ColorVoyant Trend Watch 2014

Here, I will preview trends of the future. In researching an overall theme of Resonance for the 2014 direction there was one thing that “resonated” with me— the world around us is transitioning and shifting with tidal proportions. With this theme, four sub-themes resonate with interesting perspectives:

CV Ripple CV Fragility
CV SoulSole CV Invention

Trend Watch: Ripple

We say: ”Pass it on” or “Give it away”. These words resonate with energy and vibrancy, leading us to action. You, one person, CAN make a difference, as what we do ripples across the world in an instant. Meanwhile, a cultural mesh is being constructed, one that will resonate and stand the test of time. Through invention, we find new perspectives that forge into unknown territory as the realization that something temporary turns into something permanent.

The power of one ripples across the internet, the economy, entertainment, and across cultural influences. This reverberation is infectious, causing unlikely partnerships to fuse. Everything we do affects others, it’s the ripple effect that generates momentum throughout the world. Even architecture students are studying and/or designing spaces based on how they feel… a rippling and resonating theme for future lives.

Visual Ripple effects

Q3 ColorVoyant 24

Rippled Pencils: Fiber Philadelphia 2012-Sarah Wondrack’s Modified Familiarities in the Archive Space.
Q3 ColorVoyant 48

Sculpture Jeux ingenious table design with rippling ribbon pattern.
Q3 ColorVoyant 45

Eric Jourdan for Ligne Roset Rippling carpet.


Q3 ColorVoyant 18

Diaries artistically ripple across generations as messaging transmits a cultural expression. At Fiber Philadelphia, an artist’s interpretation of messaging that resonates throughout. Spiral designs reflect the ripple effect.
Q3 ColorVoyant 15

3Dx1 MultisliceView in Milan at Interni Magazine’s Be Open creative think tank at the Università degli Studi di Milano’s courtyard. Odile Decq is a French architect that expresses a reflection on geometry and perspective with 3D effects. For more information on this exhibition:
Q3 ColorVoyant 02

Schrank by Aylin Kayser of Germany repetitively resonates one inside of another.
Q3 ColorVoyant 06

K Kang at International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City asymetrically moves, one inside of another.
Q3 ColorVoyant 26

Sugarman Works Gallery in Philadelphia displays a tire re-interpreted tread. Leaving a trail is a design that becomes repetitive as it ripples across a space.
Q3 ColorVoyant 49

The play of light and monotone black is created by the clustering of black plastic-cups room-divider wall: 3D surface texture. Cluster = Ripple.
Q3 ColorVoyant 35

Ribbon = Ripple Campana Brothers’ rippling texture at Maison & Objet in Paris.
Q3 ColorVoyant 46

Pieced and repetitive: the ripple effect of colored wood flooring.

Universally known and familiar “neutrals” and “naturals” have a rippling effect as they emanate from light to dark of the same hue. Accents of organic bright chroma play as highlights. Grounded and unifying is the Ripple Color influence offering for 2014.


Ripple Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony color collection:

Tikkurila K464 Tikkurila S395 Tikkurila S402 Tikkurila M450 Tikkurila S426 Tikkurila H490
K464 S395 S402 M450 S426 H490

Trend Watch: Fragility

There is strength in weakness. Grace and poise are delicate, yet attributes of strength. They allow the surface to be vulnerable while cultivating a lasting impression. We’re most aware of the internal drive when faced with external influences, causing a resonating pull. We stretch to the breaking point, only to stop short to create connections—one of resounding tenacity.

Q3 ColorVoyant 22

Marie Bergstedt’s Dressing for a Delicate Condition exhibition at Fiber Philadelphia 2012.

Temporary and makeshift conditions reflect the comforts of home habitats. Passagen 2012 in Cologne, Germany (three images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 40
Q3 ColorVoyant 39
Q3 ColorVoyant 42

Structured lace:  New York fashion designer Jason Wu for Brizo (Italian bath fixture manufacturer) at Wanted Design 2012, New York City. Delicate hat lace became the design inspiration for this wall treatment (two images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 10
Q3 ColorVoyant 09

Crystalline formations appear fragile and barbed for protection. Tokujin Yoshioka at Maison & Objet, Paris (two images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 34
Q3 ColorVoyant 33

Delicate constitutions: In the Swept Away exhibition at Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York City, the delicacy of art is defined through Catherine Bertola’s (UK) Unfurling Splendor (below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 31

Using dust and PVA glue, she sculpts a delicate floral arrangement evoking the desire to look beyond the surface and uncover forgotten histories of objects, places, and people as a way of reframing the past.
Q3 ColorVoyant 30

Also at MAD’s Swept Away exhibition, Jim Dingilian of Los Angeles etches scenes in a bottle with smoke. He draws images onto surfaces of mundane objects, resulting in fragile works of art—a delicate medium. The drawings are created inside the bottles by first coating the inner surfaces with smoke. Then, he uses brushes or small implements mounted on the end of a dowel to reach inside and delicately erase specific area. The smoke that’s left forms the image.
Q3 ColorVoyant 28

Dinner for Two in One Month of Smog by Kim Abeles at MAD’s Swept Away exhibition (above and below). Transparent stencils are placed on dishware and fabric and set out on the roof of her studio in Los Angeles for 4 days-1month. Then the stencils are removed, leaving behind a delicate image created by the smog.  They are “footprints of the sky”.

Q3 ColorVoyant 29
Q3 ColorVoyant 27

Ke-Sook Lee’s Green Hammock.
Q3 ColorVoyant 07

Examples of delicate natures: frayed edges require delicate handling.

Q3 ColorVoyant 12

Worn and bare backgrounds give way to fragile applications: GAN carpet.
Q3 ColorVoyant 23

Healing textures as basic as using bandaids for patchwork connections.

Whispers of chroma resonate through this palette. Semi-bold accents illuminate the strength that lies beneath the surface. Stable and shifting hues are constantly in check, noting its fragile tendency,

Fragility Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony color collection

Tikkurila N433 Tikkurila F421 Tikkurila Y482 Tikkurila V346 Tikkurila V389
N433 F421 Y482 V346 V389

Fragility Color from Tikkurila’s Taika Pearlescent Paints and Glazes card

Copper paint
Copper KM

Trend Watch: luoS/Sole

A face tells it all. The inside is revealed out of the expressions of character of the sole/souL. Each is a distinct and purposeful expression of integrity. A soul/sole connection not only inspires us to expand, but also forces us to confront whatever stands in our way. Leaving a legacy has a universal and
resonating appeal.

Q3 ColorVoyant 37

Soulful and sole expressions surround us. Images from Cologne, Germany, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (above and below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 25

Signs of life and street “signs” point to cycles of soulful expression no matter the city. Street images from Cologne and Paris (four images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 44
Q3 ColorVoyant 43
Q3 ColorVoyant 36
Q3 ColorVoyant 32

Sole utility becomes nomadic and useful.

Q3 ColorVoyant 01

The Italian studio Formafantasma’s Simone Farresin & Andrea Trimarchi design Domestica for the nomadic traveler—the soul of sole.
Q3 ColorVoyant 47

Hey Sign at imm Cologne shines a light on one for inner luminance.

X-Ray vision “ghosting” among the living at Fiber Philadelphia 2012. Soulful art that illuminates perspectives (two images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 21
Q3 ColorVoyant 20
Q3 ColorVoyant 13

Transformational texture reveals a soulful color gradation.
Q3 ColorVoyant 50

Ghosting textures that resonate across transparent surfaces.

Soulful colors are rich and deep with a cultural acumen that emanates from within. Expressionistic and vibrancy describe the undercurrent of these cultured colors, wise beyond its years.

luoS/Sole Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony color collection

Tikkurila M481 Tikkurila M419 Tikkurila M314 Tikkurila S437 Tikkurila S305 Tikkurila M329
M481 M419 M314 S437 S305 M329

Trend Watch: Invention

Design and Science are interdependent. We realize that Ideation (right-brain thinking) is our future… to grow beyond the norm. It’s the fusion of “the seen with the unseen”. Young designers have discovered more conventional processes for creating new designs. The New Industrial Revolution is upon us, stirring the process of new machine design through the creation of new materials/products and applications. This is the tangible “juice” resonating across all cultural webs, turning collaborative views into action.

The “Process” has been the impetus to create new things. But what is new, is the realization of a modern day industrial revolution. The design community is now experiencing a “start to finish” vision of an idea—not only creating new product and ideas, but realizing them with designing the actual machine to fabricate their vision. In this section, we’ll discover the solution-based process that is sweeping and being showcased across the world.

Q3 ColorVoyant 08

Image of Made in the Carolinas (Made in USA) by Bernhardt Design at Wanted Design 2012 in New York City.
Q3 ColorVoyant 38

Workshops allow the aggregation of ideas and materials that offer endless perspectives of combinations and solutions. Passagen 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

The future is being planned. The future of design, no matter the industry, has realized that it is STYLE that will drive new business and ideas into the future. With re-definition of total industries taking storm, especially in the fashion industry, it will be the universities that will generate a momentum that business will have to collaborate with and take note. The likes of Stanford and Philadelphia University are doing just that. Philadelphia University will rejuvenate and inspire a new way of thinking, setting the pace for the rest of the 21st century.


Diagram I: Continuums of style. Schemas for style courtesy of Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Style MBA Program.

Diagram II: Mapping the Style Eco-System in Business. Schemas for style courtesy of Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Style MBA Program.

Haptic Intelligentsia (below) is a human 3D printing machine that allows the user to tactually perceive the object and directly transform (interject the human hand) it into the physical. The results are always unique and different depending upon how each user responds to the machine’s guidance. This humanizes the 3D printing process, bringing the user a tactile relationship to the virtual object.

Q3 ColorVoyant 14

Creating environments through the digital design projection medium is a trend to the future of print messaging and visual impact that’s easily changeable. SitonCloud’s Ceci n’est pas une table at imm Cologne 3D 2012 (three images below).

Q3 ColorVoyant 04
Q3 ColorVoyant 05
Q3 ColorVoyant 03
Q3 ColorVoyant 16

Realizing that the future of graphic interpretations is with the digital medium, as digital “tech-ture” covers the commercial design landscape. Digital billboard within Excelsior Milano, a luxury retail store in Milan, Italy.
Q3 ColorVoyant 11

Piecing designs together and exercising new perspectives to think in new ways leads to Invention.

The blank canvas is ripe for inventive color. White and black are a staple in the creative color arsenal with putty and chameleon grey offering backdrops for the ideation of neon color and shimmering metallics, building colorful emerging ideas. The inventive process:  basic chroma + metallic + neon = a recipe for new color perspectives.

Invention Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony color collection

Tikkurila V484 Tikkurila K481 Tikkurila L320 Tikkurila L390 Tikkurila L388
V484 K481 L320 L390 L388

Invention Color from the Tikkurila Pro Grey color card

ProGrey 2097

Invention Color from Tikkurila’s Taika Pearlescent Paints and Glazes card

Paint gold
Gold KM

Final words

Next I will be reviewing highlights of texture and color based on trends. Stay tuned for more insights with the ColorVoyant® Watch.


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