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The ColorVoyant Watch

Welcome to The ColorVoyant® Watch!

In this edition of The ColorVoyant Watch, I will focus on key design talents at three different shows: Milan Design Week, ICFF 2013 and Wanted Design NYC 2013. Key trends in concepts as well as in materials, textures and color will be highlighted during the coming summer months.

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Design Talents Watch

Milan Design Week is the largest and most comprehensive arena in which design trends are felt, seen, translated. With over 320,000 attendees, it’s a must for trend savvy professionals. From I Saloni / Cosmit with 26 pavilions, including the Satellite innovative designer showcase to Ventura Lambrate’s edgy and “worth the trip” venues to individual exhibitions scattered throughout the city. Spazio Rosanna Orlandi and Corso Como 10 are among the best retail compounds in the world, featuring gallery quality design and perspectives. The Triennale Design Musem and Tom Dixon’s MOST exhibition continue to draw attention to individual concepts.

ICFF 2013 – International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City, in its 26th year, topped 29,000, a nice attendance for a focused and smaller show compared to other US shows. ICFF is a wonderful gauge of Euro Design in the US, should you not had the opportunity to see Milan and other Euro shows for trend direction. Wall-covering design seemed to have dominated the show, while innovative and animated furniture design, ceramic/marble, animated lighting, carpet, and material mixing gave inspirational fuel. http://www.icff.com

WantedDesign, also in New York City, in its 3rd year in 2013, teamed with NYCxDESIGN, an inaugural citywide event to showcase and promote all design disciplines, attracted 9,000 attendees celebrating exhibits such as The Carrot Concept from El Salvador, hosted by Bernhardt Design and the Launch Pad program of independent designers’ work + Latin America. The event is located at The Tunnel on 11th Avenue between 27th and 28th Street. www.wanteddesignnyc.com, nycxdesign.com

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The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 04

Patricia Urquiola continues to WOW the design world with her collaborative design with Budri marble of Italy. This year’s theme was “Earthquake”, inspired by the magnitude 5.9 earthquake in North-Central Italy in May 2012 that destroyed the factory’s marble slabs. The “rubble” was the inspiration for Urquiola’s design, utilizing the damaged marbles and stones: onyx, amethyst, mother of pearl and lapis lazuli. Interesting how something so devastating can be of inspirational beauty. www.budri.com

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 06

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 07

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 08

Wood and resin hybrid: ScanToProduction is a design/production material process, integrating digital scanning and fabrication. It is a modern statement of craftmanship and one of collaboration between Hironori Yoshida, Giacomo Cantoni and Pietro Pagliaro. Digitized Grain uses wood grain as a texture, contrasting wood and polyester resin to achieve opaque and transparent qualities. Wood planks are scanned into the computer, which reads the wood grain, then fed into a laser machine to cut either a lo-res (cross-grain and lengthwise pixelated graining) or hi-res (continuous graining) grain image. The open grain texture is then filled in with clear or colored resin for a textural hybrid of wood and resin. 16 wood slats are hung in the Ventura Lambrate warehouse for a stroll through an artificial pixelated “forest”. For more information, visit http://www.pill-a.com/wp/scantoproduction-fuorisalone2013/ and/or http://www.domusweb.it/en/salone2013/2013/04/12/scan_to_production.html

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 09

Innovative materials and processes are driving into the future…Shape-shifting is a concept that transforms a shape into another dimension. Noumenon’s “memory foam” material is shown by flattening a 3D foam object into a 2D form. Over time, the foam “remembers” the shape that it once had been and returns to being 3D and functional. For more information and video to watch the chair unfold, visit www.noumenon.eu.

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 10

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 11

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 12

David D’Imperio of Pennsylvania designs artful and conversational lighting at ICFF 2013 in New York City. http://www.daviddimperio.com

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 13

Meystyle’s LED wall-covering of London at ICFF 2013 in New York City. Each LED and Swarovski crystal is incorporated by hand, tailoring each design to its environment. This concept is unique to Meystyle, creating works of art. http://www.meystyle.com

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 14

The New Zealand landscape inspired David Trubridge’s lighting design at WantedDesign in New York City in 2013. “Geode” and “Light Rain” used Swarovski Elements crystals above a model of Mt. Ruapehu. http://www.davidtrubridge.com

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 15

At Interni Magazine’s Hybrid Architecture & Design 2 at the Università a degli Studi di Milano, Golden River by Speech Tchoban & Kuznetsov and Marco Bravura, combines art, architecture and design into a single undulating arch, clad in gold mosaic, with accent blocks of glass left over from Venetian glassworks. http://www.internimagazine.com, http://www.speech.su/

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 16

SenSai – a project by Archizero is an installation based on harmony, in which lightness and mass coexist. It’s a 360-degree dialogue between different cultures and traditions. Marble from the mountains is used in the pursuit of a balance between materials and the relationship of lines, forms, voids and solids. Carrera marble is pervasive, lending a simplistic application and timeless look. http://www.internimagazine.com, http://www.archizero.com

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 17

Beyond the Wall by Daniel Libeskind is based on infinite possibilities of a spiral concept. Everything he designs is hybrid…putting things together that may not belong to the same space. Made of Silestone® quartz in a suede finish, this fractal modern tile concept transmits unique sensations of touch, elegance and color. www.internimagazine.com, http://daniel-libeskind.com/

Stay tuned to concept picks from Milan and New York.


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