Materials & Color, part II

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The ColorVoyant Watch highlights the latter of the two major drivers of design transformation: Materials & Color. Color trends are key to transforming design boundaries. Materials were already discussed in the last edition.


Color Dimension 


Color texture…in pattern and in combination. NY Gift Show.

It has been said that color is the single most important reason a product will sell. Designers realize the power of this element, as it defines shape and form. Color incites a response, whether it be emotional or functional. Your favorite color is a personal testament to others.

Color Dimension comes when colors are seen in combination – layered, balanced, contrasted, hidden. As color trends shift, the need to know and understand the “why” of color is necessary. It is our job as design professionals to creatively integrate color into our designs. To do that, color trends are key to transforming design boundaries.


Monotones of white…tonal patterned effects…chalky and contrasted. A series of porcelain tile, “in-essence”, from Stone Source, inspired by salvaged materials and produced using modern technology. Press image.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

F501 F502


Tonal gray takes on new dimensions and texture on the wall with recycled leather belts at the Boutique Design in New York (BDNY).

Colors from the Tikkurila Pro Grey card

1967 1968 1969 RAL 830-M


The basic color palette continues to dominate the market…livable, organic color, understandable and usable.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

K484 F497 V488


Soft, organic hues define shape and space. These colors are easy on the eye. Designed in Arizona and made in Mexico for Artistic Tile in New York City.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

J439 V400 S436 V407 V477



Office components highlighted at Haworth showroom in Chicago (top image) and at Knoll (bottom image), both at NeoCon 2013. Yellow was the flagship color throughout the show.,,

Color from the Tikkurila Symphony collection



Green and yellow are refreshed with combined with the grey scale. CB2 retail in New York City.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

V301 J375 K388


Shaw Carpet introduces a transformational flooring shape and color at NeoCon 2013 in Chicago.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

S382 V382


An unexpected use and application of lipstick containers covers the staircase entrance of the Università degli Studi at Interni Magazine’s Hybrid Architecture & Design exhibition in Milan.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

S329 K390 M348


Color gradations and nuances are kinetic and relational.



Blurring of color lines transforms a flat surface. Syndrome of Influence at the Triennale Museum in Milan addresses the creative play of color that translates into any color language.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

Top image

J346 K336

Bottom image

N324 L349





FAB in Milan highlights shadowbox tonal color. Monotone Color = “Textural” dimensional color.  Making a bold statement, as each color interacts with shadow and light.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

M309 L390 K358 L323


At ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York City, a shadow-box color collages the wall for functional perspectives.


Forbo flooring at NeoCon in Chicago arrays their designs by following the color families around the color wheel. “Color Mapping” is widely used to see panoramic colors within a product line. It highlights the “omits” of color, urging the question of whether or not to fill color gaps in product offerings.


Bisley office furniture stirs the creative thinking process with outside the normal office color options.

Color from the Tikkurila Pro Grey card


Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

K338 K390 K347



Bold color play is relational and provides an impactful color resume to a space. Color brights adding linear texture in Milan (image above). Carpeting takes on new dimensional color at the ICFF show in New York City (image below).


Blumarine’s fashion highlights feminine yet cutting edge color direction with color texture support.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

S437 J436 K390 J336


At Edelman Leather in NYC, leather vibrates with color intensity!

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

N329 M321 L331

Final Words

Stay tuned and focus extra carefully as The ColorVoyant Watch previews the 2015–2016 forecast direction “Silence” later in December 2013.

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