Silence – Color and Trend Forecast for 2015

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The novel concepts of ColorVoyant® can evoke new design directions and translate into your design world. The mega theme for 2015 is Silence with four supportive themes – Noise, Braille, Blur & Quiet.


Each trend year, ColorVoyant® introduces provocative concepts that stimulate the creative juices. 2015 is not unlike any other year, with the mega theme: Silence. So much of our busy lives demands attention…to the point of almost short circuiting. Take a moment and explore with me the ways that Silence, and the four supportive themes – Noise, Braille, Blur & Quiet – can evoke new design directions that will stimulate and translate into your design world.


Silence…a quiet confidence, an intuitive feeling and an inner strength, the white space that surrounds us. It’s the “what you don’t see” – the intangible in a world of tangible and “prove-it-to-me” perspectives. Many hear but don’t listen. Listening has become a rare art. The Noise in our daily lives crowds our minds, demanding immediate attention, while taking precious creative time to see the bigger picture. It has been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal…silent cues are ever present. As the lines become Blurred between the temporal and the physical worlds we find our way (a sort of Braille) to define what has dimensional importance. Silence, a new frontier, towards a Quiet Confidence.



Silent World by Erica in Art captures some of the world’s most populated cities, devoid of any human activity by artists Lucie & Simon: Paris (top) and Times Square in New York (bottom). Press images from Honestly WTF.



Exhibitions displaying Silence themes are emerging. Kvadrat leads this trend with a Milanese exhibition of expressing moods and concepts such as “Hope” and “Nothing”.


Soundplotter is a series of interactive 3D printed vases whose shape changes according to sound input. It is an attempt to answer the question of how products in the future can be generated more intuitively, when the designer leaves space for interaction between the user and the object. The space between…Silence.

Theme 1: Noise


The world wants our attention not just locally but everywhere we turn. The internet, TV, Sound bites…can’t take large doses…only headline news, at best. Individualism has dominated the world as each of us has become a walking billboard, letting all to see and hear that we desire interaction from the lack of human interaction. The noise and the attention to detail keeps us focused as the “big picture” perspective becomes overwhelming.


Shanghai wanting to be noticed. The largest city in China now has an attention-getting cityscape that seems to never rest.


Phoenix Valley Theater in Changzhou, China – architectural stimulation that creates interest or chaos…


On the streets of Milan: signage is subtle but asks a lot in return.



New York fashion runway Concept Korea Collection by Choiboko (top and bottom). Images from Shutterstock.


Patchwork continues as the pattern on pattern trend increases, almost to the point of excess patching = comfort. Shoreditch on High Street in London.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Milanese store dons a multicultural statement.

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 02

Earthquake by Patricia Urquiola for Budri. Fragmented marble and stone…creating pattern on pattern… finding its way. Impactful yet edgy, pushing new boundaries.



Noise color in concert at Ventura Lambrate, Milan (top). Wallpaper Magazine’s Milanese exhibition of color layering for bold interest (bottom).


Noise colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection, line-up from top to bottom in the above image: M323, L316, N338, M343, L381, S302, J363 and M348.

Noise color descriptors: intense, emotive, look at ME, fractal, blocked, patchwork, chromatism, caution, high contrast, attention-getting.

Theme 2: Braille


Sensory nodes heighten the awareness of the obvious around us. We turn a blind eye to that which cannot be seen, but touched, defined in space, form, texture and special effects. Dimensional surfaces are ripe for the touching, and graphic play creates dimension on flat surfaces. Braille is the term that connects the human touch to tactile and physical spaces.

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 17

Daniel Libeskind’s installation “Beyond the Wall” – a soulful and visually tactile expose about architecture in Milan.


Dimensional wall that also serves as ambient light function.



Braille of a different kind: dimensional walls from OFFECCT.



“Knitted” marble fools the eye…begging to be touched. By Patricia Urquiola for Budri.



A book case dimensionalizes a space (top). Carrara Marble opens up in a progression of dimensional play (bottom). Both images from Wallpaper Magazine’s exhibition in Milan.


Pixelated and random blocks of color contrast visually speak out for added dimension.



Classic black-and-white pair to create visual texture and patterning (top). Bolon flooring takes on new dimension in flat applications and unconventional uses (bottom).



Lace with a feminine read with the Philippines-born and Dubai-based LA designer Michael Cinco (top). Origami bodice by Devota & Lomba of Madrid (bottom). Images from Shutterstock.


Harmonious color blocking defines function, shape and form. Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.


Braille colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection, line-up in the above image: top F468, third from top H413*, H444, M401, K401, L397* and M423 (* denoting ½ metallic and ½ color).

Braille color from the Tikkurila Pro Grey card: 1942 (second from top).

Braille color descriptors: dimensional, rich, layered, contrasted, outlined, depth, tactile, rough/smooth, vibrant and fresh.

Theme 3: Blur


Undefined boundaries till a fertile ground for messaging. It’s “what you don’t see” that collides with the tangible “what’s seen” realm that brings us to focus. Hidden meaning and non-verbal cues define this concept with personal tenor. Reverberations of pattern and after imaging come into a hazy focus. You might compare it to stepping from one dimension into another, and this is a state of transition.


Beyond Object explores the visual dimension on flat surfaces with lighting.




Color’s natural transition…the horizon of blurred lines ombres one color into the next (top). Image from Triennale Museum in Milan. Graphics fuse chromatic lines of color designed by Dennis Parren and exhibited at Rosanna Orlandi in Milan (middle). Vibrant lipstick casings that blur the lines leading up a staircase (bottom).


A natural blurring of marble is inspirational.


Mottled effects that flow.


Alexandre Herchcovitch’s runway blur in New York. Image from Shutterstock.


Blurring can be achieved by a subtle layering of textures and patterns, playing upon one another to create dimension and harmony. By Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

The ColorVoyant Watch Q2 2013 27


The Haze series by Wonmin Park at Rosanna Orlandi in Milan. Resin takes on a new soft translation of frosted chroma.



True patina effects ombre from bold to blurred lines…transitioning from pure to worn.


Blur colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection, line-up from top to bottom in the above image: J488, H426, X342, H353, S433, S433, S408 and K398.

Blur color descriptors: patina, transition, unfocused, hazed, “greige”, washed, putty, tints, ombre, soft contrast, light to neutral to mid-tone chroma.

Theme 4: Quiet


The quiet space sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable. Given time and space, a quiet confidence surfaces as a fluid expression of transformation…to one of solace and serenity. Quiet is the “white space”, that necessary element defining the object and sometimes more important than the object itself. It’s getting out of ourselves to see a greater picture that envelopes around us. Quiet defines, simplifies and calls for freedom of expression. Quiet comes from listening, when the inner voice speaks: a quiet confidence.


Winter solstice evokes calm and tranquility. Be inspired by a New York Times blog article about solace and serenity inspiration on the design world:




Cues from Nature: quiet landscapes that invite a second and third look.


Grass roots and self-sustaining environments.


Contemporary communication in the 21st century…the essence of quiet redefined.


An innocent and quiet confidence.


Nature’s imbedded color has an inner quiet glow.


Quiet “white space” shapes.



Fashion statements become simplistic in style and color. The Duyos catwalk at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (top) and Jenny Packham Collection in New York (bottom). Images from Shutterstock.


Quiet tones that please the eye and harmoniously know how to work together while standing on their own.


Quiet colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection, line-up from top to bottom in the above image: J503, Y427, H455, G477, Y335, X470, X478 and V481.

Quiet color from the Tikkurila Pro Grey card (bottom): pearlescent 2094.

Quiet color descriptors: peaceful, comfort, fluid, transversal, white defines, simplicity, minimal, confident, feminine, the new standard of life.

Final words

A full presentation of “Silence”, the ColorVoyant® trend forecast for 2015, was given to selected audiences in Helsinki, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia, in mid-January 2014. For my next blog report, I will be reviewing the buzz around the New York City art and design scene.

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