Lifestyles of the West Coast of U.S.A., Part II

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Just as Portland of Oregon, Los Angeles of California is a city that respects its Art Deco past, with an eye toward the future. The city attracts the creative thinker, while living up to its “Wild West” tendencies. Read on to explore how LA is similar to Portland in welcoming creative lifestyles…

More ripple effects from Los Angeles, California


LA is near and dear to my heart, having spent 14 formative years in the fashion an interior design industries. In some ways, Los Angeles never changes… from the attraction to “finding gold” (from the Gold Rush of the 1800s) to cultural infusion that shifts through expressive lifestyles. Unlike Portland, LA does not have a city motto, but adopts its State motto: Eureka!—translating to “I found it”!

Among many renown industries similar to entertainment, Los Angeles is known for the casual fashion industry, addressing active sportswear, swimwear, knitted and stretch constructions, and Hollywood glamour. In the last 5–8 years, the LA fashion industry has brought back manufacturing from Asia and is enjoying a resurgence of industry activity, particularly in the downtown and surrounding areas. Stay tuned for downtown living to become the “it spot” for new growth in the LA area. I will be highlighting an artist’s section just over the Hollywood sign in the San Fernando area, call NoHo in this blog.



Graffiti “originated” in Los Angeles and got its foothold during the 1980s, primarily in gang-infested sections of East LA. Local, graphic messaging is a mainstay all over the city in unexpected places. All you have to do is be aware!


Like Portland, Los Angeles is all about mobility…where driving is a profession, whether or not you are paid for it! Because of gridlock and commuter living, time becomes precious and convenience services have sprung up all over – i.e. food and home-related services. Mobile cuisine units add to the already congested road-scape.


Dog hotels enjoy a multitude of locations throughout the city. Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard (Hollywood area) seem to have a higher concentration of canine hotels that cater to the widest selection of breeds.

The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, is the “Mecca” for interior design activity and showrooms. There are three color-coded buildings: ”The Blue Whale” as it’s called, was the first building, followed by the Green Building connection in the 1980s, and recently, the Red Building opened its doors, connecting a vast maze of showrooms that offer a one-stop shop for the interior design trade.


Cool and off the beaten track, eateries are sprinkled throughout the city. These two locations are in NoHo (North Hollywood) and on the famed Melrose Avenue.

NoHo is located in San Fernando Valley. North Hollywood calls home to an artistic atmosphere, where the visual and theater and culinary arts co-exist. With proximity to Universal Studios and the Hollywood Freeway, this growing hub of artistry welcomes the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts and Sciences, and the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. This sign is on Lankershim Boulevard, an artery to artistic side streets.


Theater arts are a mainstay in Metropolitan Los Angeles. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (top) and a small theater center (bottom) cornered by independent restaurants.


Vintage LA’s growth period was 75–100 years ago. It is known at the Art Deco capital of the U.S. City expansion occurred during the 1920s through the 1970s, a span of 50 years that made it one of the most desirable places to live and work in. Located at the entrance to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Plaza, Phil’s Diner is a “throw back” to the 1950s, with many other sites being carefully restored/preserved. Vintage shops are trendy outlets for the recycling attitudes of the West Coast.


Top: Cross walks artistically reflect the ever-shifting ground that Los Angeles endures. Believe it or not, mass transit is a fairly new concept in LA over the last 20 years. Bottom: The train now stops at the Metro square at the north end of NoHo.


NoHo Street sculpture that’s functional and tactile…


Gazing over a cross-section of Los Angeles, rustic looks in an urban setting are trending for restaurant and store exteriors: Culver City and Venice.




Exterior color is brightly expressed, as stucco is a mainstay for this arid Metropolis by the sea. From Los Feliz to Venice.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

Image Map


In Venice, the vibrant chroma is exposed by the sun.

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

Image Map

Street fashion



Stylish casual, sportswear looks that set the signature, for not only the West Coast and all of the U.S., but also internationally.

I couldn’t resist this stenciled sidewalk in Culver City, the home to Sony Motion Picture Studios.

Final Words

2015 is just around the corner. It will be a year to stretch your design imagination. Rely upon The ColorVoyant Watch for a creative and mind-stretching perspective with new trend concepts for 2016 and beyond.


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