Trend directions of the Milan Design Week 2015, part II

The ColorVoyant Watch

Welcome to The ColorVoyant® Watch!

EuroLuce was the theme for the Milan Design Week this year, with colored lighting all around the city. This time The ColorVoyant Watch will present EuroLuce highlights and Milan design talents.



At the EuroLuce exhibition, Bocci of Canada constructed a booth that took your breath away and stretched the imagination in the world of lighting. Imagine a spectrum of light in clusters of color texture across the room. The possibilities of color combinations are endless!



…and more artful expressions of light from Bocci (top and bottom).



A modular glass wall designed by Martin Opl and Zuzana Kubelkova for Preciosa (top and bottom). No matter how you photographed the wall, hidden and dimensional designs revealed themselves!



Henri Bursztyn takes linear lighting to new levels (top). Using color to accentuate the positive in lighting shapes and materials by Design Heure (bottom).



Hanging Garden by Kris Ruhs at Corso Como 10 Gallery in Milan (top and bottom). It is a collection of porcelain blooms and hand forged brass vines that capture the visual sense of a spring garden. The apparent fragility of these porcelain shapes and the tangle of the vines express the magnificence of nature’s fragility. Kris Ruhs is an American painter and sculptor. He creates by drawing, graphic arts, jewelry, ceramics and furniture designs.





Poltrona Bouquet chair by Yukiko Nagai at Spazio Rossana Orlandi meets more than the eye can see. What you think is crewel work embroidery, reveals intricate inlays of stone mosaics and shards. Her concept consists of the interpretation of various materials, using exclusively, marble and rocks…trying to surprise the touch and looks of the surface. Both chairs (top, middle and bottom) are her signature interpretation of stonework translated into pieces of floral art.




Meike Harde’s Wooden Aquarelle is a genius of color, utilizing a coloring technique for wooden surfaces with pigments and water movement. The pigmented water creates an effect that she likens to “translucent ink”. This technique is inspired by the fluid pigments of watercolors and techniques used by German Expressionist painters August Macke and Emil Nolde. The end result is how Meike Harde allows the color to flow and deposit pigment, wherever it lands (top, middle and bottom).

Final words

Next time, a short review of the New York Design Week’s shows will be included: ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) and Wanted Design. Stay tuned for more trends and talents!



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