Highlights of New York Design Week 2015

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As promised in my last blog post, a short review of the New York Design Week’s shows is included here. Wanted Design and ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) displayed their best talents and an ever-growing interest in design and designers.

Wanted Design began five years ago by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat in the Terminal Stores landmark building on 11th Avenue in New York City. This year, the exhibition has expanded to a second location in Brooklyn, at Industry City in Sunset Park. This strategic expansion reflects the growing importance of Brooklyn as a hub for creative thinkers and designers. www.wanteddesignnyc.com

New York’s 2015 ICFF show amped up the quality and talents of the North American and international design offerings. While wallcovering, furniture and tile are the mainstay of the show, the opportunity to expand the individual design talents was seen through the expansion into two floors (normally one) of the Jacob Javits exhibition center. This show has always been the best in the U.S.A. for design coming from the European trade shows, so the momentum for design to grow in the future is exciting. http://www.icff.com

Elish Warlop Design Studio of Denver, Colorado creates Line Drawn Lamp (top) made of brass tubes, cloth cord, and LEDs. The lamp registers a different pattern of light on the wall every time it is moved. The language of repetition allows this lamp to be customizable to multiple surroundings. Walnut shades (bottom) are made of bent, laminated walnut and brass into a 3D-form. It is meant to connect and divide a space, with movable shades to allow more or less light to show through. Elish’s work occupies the space between sculpture and function, addressing scale, repetition and engagement, while experimenting with new technologies. http://www.elishwarlop.com

Peter Sandback of New Hampshire at ICFF 2015. The perfection of nail art design imbedded into the wood and smoothly sanded for un-interrupted beauty. I have been tracking Peter’s work for over a decade as he has transformed the use of materials, from colored concrete in the 1990s to his nail-imbedded artful furniture, into another design dimension. http://www.petersandback.com
Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, furniture designer Peter Glassford takes his furniture waste (wood scrap material) to a new level. Dimensional walls are a larger trend than that of recent years. Peter’s work is modular based and sold in easy to install sizing: 12” x 24”, 24” x 24” plus allowing for installation creativity. http://www.peterglassford.com
Ronel Jordaan of South Africa is a veteran to the organic interpretive design. Hand dye, rubbed and sculpted wool felt into nature’s shapes, Ronel’s sculpture has a special place in the course of nature…as she replicates stones, flowers, and organic plants. http://www.roneljordaan.com
The Finnish-born Anne Kyyro Quinn of London continues to expound on custom-made acoustical wall attributes with monochrome dimension and colorful pattern. http://www.annekyyroquinn.com
Interlam’s modular wood walls give dimension to monochromatic color and natural wood materials. http://www.interlam-design.com
As furniture is highlighted, ArchiproductsOnecollection designs soft contours of color emerge with a nod to retro contemporary. http://www.archiproducts.com

Final Words
As color becomes a more important design element that is being discovered and re-discovered, The ColorVoyant Watch will have all eyes on trending concepts for the next posting. Stay color tuned!


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