Cersaie shows the shapes of things to come part II

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With over 20 pavilions at Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna, Italy, it was a treat to see such a diverse mix of design and color “eye candy” for the ceramic industry. As promised in my last blog post, a review of three more design directions is included here. I call them Decorative, Alternative shapes, and last but not least…Color! Let’s get started!

Decorative is synonymous with ceramic tile and a timeless application for interior accents.  But the hot story going forward is the return of pattern on pattern mixes.  I’ve chosen 3 Decorative looks that reflect traditional to the contemporary translations.




The Vietri Ceramic Group blankets the wall to show how traditional tile looks can add style to wall – and floor – surfaces (top). Cicogres offers a tonal color story to give multi pattern a more “neutral” texture for the wall (middle). Vitrex Mosaici uses the mosaic decorative story to highlight a fun contemporary linear look, using simple color contrast (bottom). www.vietri-ceramic.it/en, www.cicogres.es, www.vitrexmosaici.com/en

The ceramic and porcelain industry enjoys the freedom to express their modules in alternative ways, because they can! Advanced technology allows designers to cut any size and shape, keeping the industry at the forefront of design expression. From linear to diamonds to flowerets to boomerang shapes, it is inspiring to design interiors with an individualistic edge.





Tonalite is creating a design lab of shapes in many colorful translations. The diamond is basic to the formation of the hexagon, allowing color to highlight the shape (top). Bärwolf displays hourglass forms of monochromatic color as a fresh bathroom look (middle). Apavisa is always pushing the design parameters, as shown in this boomerang shaped installation (bottom). www.tonalite.it/en, www.baerwolf.de/engl, www.apavisa.com/en

The spectrum of color is pervasive at Cersaie. Note the vibrant reds and yellows, but the trending color basics of green are showing, along with the basic blues.


Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

Image Map

As blue has been shown in all product markets, I was surprised to see how much of it was shown in tile. From denim blue to aquatic influences, blue is giving way to green, as the teal/aqua transition to the full spectrum of the green family.




Pechhioli steps out to transition to green, but still with a blue influence (top). Cottovietri commits to color and shows its transition from clear blue to green to complimenting denim blue. C+ collection (middle and bottom). www.pecchioliceramica.it, www.cottovietri.it

Colors from the Tikkurila Symphony collection

Image Map

The main color trend at Cersaie was the grey scale – from white to grey to charcoal ­–in wood and ceramic texture looks. Wood influenced the warmer side of grey and “greige” was the newest color hybrid of beige and grey. Yellow-based neutrals were dominant, over terracotta/red tones for wood looks and tile.


Italgraniti Group expresses color through slabs of wood-look porcelain/ceramic. http://en.italgranitigroup.com


Bologna staged their first annual citywide design venue in tandem with Cersaie. As I was exploring the city, I discovered a few design “gems”, one of which was a design lab of five designers called Design @ Design Co. that collaborate to showcase their work. Their forte was the use of technology to translate their vision, as seen in the digitally printed wall mural of a ground to sky view of Bologna’s iconic buildings.






Classic design always remains as the core of inspiration. Walking around Bologna, I was inspired to see classic architecture with a new eye…From sidewalk patterning to iron filigree and door fronts.

Final words

As I finish my final international design direction for Tikkurila, I hope that I’ve inspired you to stretch your design eye beyond what is in front of you! It has been my distinct pleasure to share a unique design vision through The ColorVoyant Watch and you over these past four years! My sincere thanks to all of you for your support and interest… especially to Tikkurila for the opportunity to connect with you through their colorful world!
















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